version 0.1.5   (released on 06/11/2005) version 0.1.4   (released on 01/08/2005) version-0.1.3   (released on 15/07/2004) version-0.1.2   (released on 09/05/2004) version-0.1.1   (released on 02/05/2004) version-0.1.0    (released on 01/05/2004) version-0.0.7    (released on 08/04/2004) version-0.0.6    (released on 21/03/2004) version-0.0.5    (released on 19/03/2004) * Gauges stay together in front, and labels together at the end.
The order can be change between items of the same family.

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